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Hands UP! Hong Kong

Can the public space be used for more than transportation and shopping? How do we interact in public spaces and how can we innovate them?
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Basel money


During Basel Art Week 2012 the DENNIS crew built a factory and office inside Gallerie Karin Sutter. We lured passers-by in to the gallery with colorful lights, hand-painted signs and…
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W.I.P. – The DENNIS book

This book is a call of enthusiasm for urban design and city life written by Bureau Detours who love to work with urban space, Bureau Detours. You won´t find many…
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DENNIS showcases how design, craftsman¬ship and urban studies transform into useable designs, inspired by local demand and site specific issues. With power, pace and precision daily projects will be created, exhibited…
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kbh money-22-22


Dennis Design Center (DENNIS) is a pop-up center, for craftmanship and design, when Bureau Detours solve sitespecific and local issues within the public space. With DENNIS Bureau Detours joins the…
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